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Ok, because I've had this "point" thrown at me a couple of times today.

"Gays are oppressing me by wanting marriage equality. I have a right to say I don't want them to marry" - Paraphrased from a few comments today.

If one group wants the right to do something you don't agree with that doesn't effect you, breaks no laws and has no net effect other than allowing adults to live their life as they please without harming or infringing the rights of others, Then IN NO WAY are your rights being challenged nor your religious beliefs being taken away from you.

You have the right to say "I don't agree with this" and that's that. You do not have any right or expectation to have other people being forced to live their lives or be denied rights according to how you have chosen to view the world.

An example:

Timmy and Johnny want to get married. This does not mean your church will close, it does not mean you have to like the fact they are getting married, it does not mean your opinion has to change. It does not mean your children won't grow up to be as straight as they were ever going to be.

It means Timmy and Johnny want to get married. That's it. That's all.

Timmy and Johnny are not demanding your marriage end. They are not lobbying against your right to get married. They are not seeking to change your life ONE LITTLE BIT.

Lobbying for rights and/or services to be made available to EVERYONE is not oppressing ANYONE.

Demanding rights and/or services be taken away from a group of people based on their sexual preference, race or chosen flavour (or lack of) a god is oppression and discrimination.

Arguing against anyone else to be allowed something you have now and won't be taken away from you is utterly ridiculous.

So opponents of marriage equality, playing the "I'm being oppressed"/"My rights are being taken away"/"My religious freedom is being squashed." cards are simply knee jerk reactions with no logical premise behind them.

Lose some sleep over gays getting married if you must but I will point out, regardless of a ring on a finger or lack of, they're nailing each other anyway..

And remember this:

Your way of life is not under threat. No one is trying to take anything away from you. No one wants you to do anything other than stop oppressing people who do not fit into your idea of gender dynamics.

The new job...

...Is awesome.

I haven't seen anyone I'm working with look anything less than extremely happy to be doing the job they are.

I've either fallen in with a cult or I'm in some kind of reality TV program. Either way, it's a fun job.

I'll probably post annoying amounts of detail at some point.

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Long time, no read or post...

I just deleted a bunch of RSS feeds and such from here so I can read what actual people are posting instead with my limited time here.

Well, things are settling, got all 3 of the boys into their new school after lots of hoop jumping. I have to say I am completely jealous of their school. High school was not like that for me as a kid. It's not just the studying Blade Runner for film studies, it's the fact they actually have film studies.

It's an exclusive school, but also our local school, so while they have to go there, it wasn't made very easy to begin with. Apparently a lot of people fake living in Newtown in order to get in. But once we got past that, it was all good.

On his first day of school, my son was spotted by R's son walking around holding hands with some purple haired girl. Then as we're teasing him about this out falls a note from 3 other girls in one of his classes welcoming him to the school and telling him to let them know if he ever needs anything. I think he'll settle in just fine.

Aside from that, flat out with various things. Had my first day back at Fox Studios yesterday for quite some time, as Good News Week has shifted from the ABC studios in Ultimo to Fox. So no more walking distance to the studio unfortunately. I'm just glad it was only the first ep of the year that was at the State Theatre, beautiful venue, but no green room to speak of and it was very easy to feel "in the way" while backstage.

During a break in shooting at Fox yesterday, I took a walk around the place I used to work, checked in on places with memories of varying quality around the place. All I can say is that the disparity of how I remember it vs how it is now sums up the current state of the Australian film industry. Where my old editing desk was in a partitioned warehouse type building has now got the partitions removed and stacks of old wood from years long disused sets are sitting and crumbling away in it's place.

Was good to see the area again though, even more so knowing I've come back in a much better capacity and knowing that it's actually heading somewhere.

Wound up taking a break from stand up, as in actually getting on stage, due to lots of behind the scenes type work, a December comedy room hiatus, writing as well as being very busy setting up a new home, moving my son across from WA as well as just life in general keeping me busy.

But did my first spot of the year last Thursday and it went really quite well. Hanging out with industry types and sitting and chatting about comedy to well known pro comics the last few months seems to be paying dividends. Looking forward to doing many more gigs this year and I've already lined up a couple of things for the upcoming Sydney Comedy festival.

All things told, it's going to be a busy year. Again.

Some people have asked me to post my thoughts on DC Universe Online.

DC Universe Online is pretty much World of Warcraft set in the DC universe. That is, without the endless materials gathering, auction house, crafting and daily quest reputation grinds.

So it’s as fun as Warcraft, but with nearly zero of the major factors which can turn that game into a job.

It can still be addictive, but this comes from a fun factor rather than any need to “get chores done” which Warcraft and other MMOs can easily become. It does have that “just one more mission” feel that so many other games, online or otherwise, can generate.

The game starts off with probably the best piece of DC animation I have EVER seen, the intro movie showing the final battle between the DC Universe’s heroes and villains, ending in a brief victory by Lex Luthor before Brainiac arrives, taking over the world. Lex then goes back in time to warn the Justice League, before releasing nanobots into the atmosphere to create more heroes, and of course, villains.

Then you get into the character creation. You pick a hero or villain, then pick your mentor, which depends on whether you are going to be using gadgets (Batman/Joker), magic (Wonder Woman/Circe) or be a genetically gifted meta human (Superman/Lex Luthor). From there, you can choose to create a fully customisable character or choose “inspired by”, which basically gives you a level 1 version of your favourite character, which you can then level up in any way you choose.

You start out in the tutorial level, in the hold of a Brainiac ship. Your job is to bust your way out while learning the basic controls.

After this, the game proper starts. You start off in a safe house where you can meet other heroes (or villains), have access to email, vendors and PVP arenas.

Missions start off with the traditional “kill this many ____ and bring me their ____” and each progress into an instance, which at my current low levels don’t involve other players, but do involve major DC stalwarts. My first one for example, was rescuing Batgirl from the Scarecrow. Once I had freed her from his fear gas, she fought alongside me in the 6 or 7 minute long boss fight. After that it was handing in the mission, then back to HQ to repair gear, pick up new jobs and get ready to head back out.

So it’s not groundbreaking in the execution of the game, but it is a fun title. This is less like an MMORPG and more like Mortal Kombat: Online.

I’d recommend doing the PS3 version, despite early bugs which seem to have been sorted (not that I noticed any myself) as it really is streamlined for console play and it’s quite amazing what can be achieved with button combos and using the R2 and L2 buttons as shift keys.

As a former Warcrack addict, I feel I can play this without worrying about becoming addicted. This is an MMo you can just log into and then see what other players are doing and join in. It’s very adaptable to multiplayer instances and not nearly so rigid as Warcraft in terms of healer/tank/DPS balance, given characters can swap in and out of any of these roles.

If you are currently a Warcrack addict, here’s your methodone

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We've been largely unsociable of late, mainly due to family stuff, so have not been able to go out to the usual places. We must correct this.

We also now have a full house. Certainly going to be interesting times!

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Well, last night was unintentionally large. Apparently Reba and I were the "sickeningly cute" couple at the party. I'm sure everyone survived the ordeal ;)

This year is going to be unlike any year previously. It's going to be difficult, testing, all new and I'm certain will have moments where we all want to hide under our beds from the world and the people in it.

But it's also going to be rewarding, fun, packed with life, love and laughter and well worth the effort.

To say I've been looking forward to upcoming changes is a massive understatement. My life is going to be turned upside down in 11 days and I can't wait.

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The Child Support Agency has sent me 8 letters in the last 6 weeks advising of my new rates. Not one of these has the same amount as any other and vary by up to $150.00 fortnight.

3 of them have the same lodgement date. They aren't just letters either. These are A4 envelopes and all contain 2 different full colour brochures including what to do if you don't agree etc.

4 of them arrived in the same envelope today, each with it's own set of add on brochures and forms.

All of them say these changes take effect from January 11.

I have told them 3 times that my son is moving in with me on January 12, rendering this whole process moot as all of their information will change.

Your tax dollars at work.

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Today I'm having one of those "my life is really fucking enjoyable" days that seem to be occurring with ever increasing frequency.

Work was even tolerable and I got a lot off my chest today to people who needed to hear it. Actual communication was accomplished, it felt good.

New house is shaping up great. I'm engaged to a fantastic lady and I'm very happy with where life is heading.

Tonight we're just staying home, organizing collectibles on shelves, cooking food and locking out the outside world.

Tomorrow, I'm working on the taping for the final two episodes of the year for Good News Week, attending the after party then heading to Die Maschine where my lovely lady is DJing.

Sunday shall be a day of recovery and sloth.

Life is awesome.

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